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EJOT Anchoring

Special products for mechanical anchoring
into concrete and masonry


JC2 / JC6 concrete screws

Concrete screws, a subset of anchoring technology, are specialized products designed for mechanical and chemical anchoring into concrete and other masonry materials. They play a crucial role in various construction and industrial applications, offering versatility and adaptability. These screws are used in diverse scenarios ranging from the temporary fastening of façade scaffolding and cladding to anchoring structural elements such as railings, steel stairs, façade elements, supports, beams, brackets, and even heavy machinery.

BA Through bolts

Designed for high-performance anchoring in solid concrete substrates. Made with precision, these anchors are ideal for applications that demand a strong hold, such as anchoring structural supports, machinery, railings, and other heavy-duty fixtures.


Liebig Undercut anchors

Fastening extremely heavy loads reliably into concrete!

When it comes to heavy duty anchors, you cannot get around the name LIEBIG. Since1946, LIEBIG has been well known for highest-level heavy fastenings!

And since 2017, the brand LIEBIG has been part of the EJOT Group. Above all, the LIEBIG self-undercutting anchors stand for highest tensile and transverse strength. The extremely high load-bearing capacity is generated by the mechanical gear tooth system in concrete (form-fit).

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