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Training Camp at EJOT Sormat Oy

In early October, we were thrilled to host what we call training camp for both our colleagues from the Baltic countries, as well as their customers. The primary idea behind these training camps is to enhance collaboration and boost business by getting together with the sister companies in different regions and learning from each other. We at EJOT Sormat Oy are keen on building stronger connections to our colleagues from diverse countries and gain insight into local market sales. Conversely, we bring our extensive experience and deep knowledge of heavy anchoring to support other subsidiaries.

The content of these training camps is always customized to meet participants' expectations, although the structure generally remains the same. The actual training is divided into theory and practice. By delving into the theory of heavy anchoring the participants get a better understanding of the product range and how to choose the optimal item for different applications. After the theoretical training we offer an opportunity to test the installation of different anchoring products in the test laboratory. With pride we also guide our guests through the production line.

training camp Baltic 3Me and Jan Björkbom, Sales Director at EJOT Sormat Oy, wanted to find a way for bringing Baltic anchoring customers together, so we decided to also invite our key customers to a two-day training camp in Finland, says Marko Kukk, Sales Manager at EJOT Baltic. 









clip_image001Touch and feel. During a guided tour in the production you get a great chance to learn more about the wide range of products manufactured at EJOT Sormat Oy.








training camp Baltic 1Always remember to clean the drill hole before installing the anchor! In the laboratory you can test what happens if you don't stick to the installing instructions. 









After providing some insights on the excellent qualities of the heavy anchoring products produced in Masku, Finland, it is only natural to continue the training camp by discussing the business opportunities they offer. We aim to enhance collaboration and find ways to support each other by fruitful discussions about strategy, sales and the market.


markoWe asked Sales Manager Marko Kukk from EJOT Baltic about his thoughts on the training camp. Key customers from each country were invited with the goal of educating and motivating them about our products. The camp in Finland was also perfect for renewing both ours and our customers’ anchoring knowledge. Moreover, it boosted our cooperation and gave inspiration for new ideas. Therefore, I would recommend that other EJOT subsidiaries also consider taking the next step in anchoring and visit our factory in Finland, says Marko.


Interested in a training camp for your subsidiary? Please feel free to contact Catherine Strandell, or +358456578641 for further information.